Kawaii Japanese Kimono Style w/ Rainbow Pixie Hair, FuriFu Kimono, 6%DOKIDOKI, Hoyajuku & Disturbia Clothing Platforms

We came across Eriko Tsubaki, a 6%DOKIDOKI staffer whose colorful kimono streetwear style easily caught our eye on the street in Shibuya.

Sporting short rainbow-colored pixie hair, Eriko is wearing a colorful geometric print kimono coat with floral print accents from FuriFu, which she styled with a pink turtleneck top and a 6%DOKIDOKI printed lace-up obi belt. She donned a colorful sheer tutu skirt with black fuzzy hems, two-tone pink-and-blue tights, black socks, and stepped into a pair of platform t-strap booties from Disturbia Clothing, which features white ruffles and studded spikes. Her accessories – some from 6%DOKIDOKI and Hoyajuku Harajuku – include a multicolored bow headband with bead accents, flower drop earrings with tassels, a colorful beaded necklace, and multiple silver rings. In addition, Eriko is carrying a Galaxxxy bag and a silver round sling bag with glitter star prints.

UNIF is Eriko’s fashion favorite, and she likes to listen to the music of 88Kasho Junrei. Follow Eriko’s kawaii streetwear styles on Instagram.

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