Kawaii Pink Harajuku Styles w/ Vintage Sheer Dress, Satin Pants, Handmade Skirt, Raspberry Pie, Little Sunny Bite & Tokyo Bopper

Standing out on the evening Harajuku is this trio of girls in their kawaii pink street styles. They are Japanese twins Ayane and Suzune along with their friend Miori, whom we all often feature on our street snaps. Let’s take a closer look at their kawaii fashion:

At the left is 18-year-old Suzune, who stepped out in a vintage outfit, which consists of a pink sheer spaghetti-strap ruffle dress, layered over a pink sweater and white satin pajama pants with ruffle trims. She finished off her style with beige cutout platform bow shoes from Tokyo Bopper, floral hair clips for her long pink hair, and a pink sheer handmade bag. Suzune likes to shop at Jenny Fax, and she enjoys the music of Tempura Kidz. Follow Suzune on Twitter and Instagram.

Miori – sporting twin braids at the middle – is dressed in a hot pink long sleeve ruffle shirt from Chicago Harajuku, which she styled with a multi-pattern checkered jumper skirt, handmade by Suzune. She donned pink socks and finished off her style with white lace-up shoes from Tokyo Bopper. Jenny Fax is her favorite fashion brand, and she is also active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Ayane is clad in a white sweater with pink prints from Raspberry Pie, a sheer white camisole top with ruffled lace trims, also from Raspberry Pie, and a pink spaghetti strap dress with lace trims from Kiki2. White ribbed socks, red platform bow shoes from Tokyo Bopper, and a pink Little Sunny Bite bag rounded our her style. Hair clips and earrings from Gunifuni are the finishing touches to her look. Jenny Fax is also Ayane’s fashion favorite, and she also likes the music of Tempura Kidz. Follow Ayane on Twitter and Instagram.

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