Kawaii Rainbow Streetwear Style w/ Cyber Hair Falls, Dripping Rainbow Eye Makeup, Perler Bead Necklace, Polaroid Cropped Top, Rainbow Fishnets, Current Mood Butterfly Backpack & Yoki Sneakers

In Harajuku, we met Nyaa Selina, a 27-year-old teacher whose print-on-print rainbow streetwear look easily drew our attention.

Sporting cyber hair falls at the back and eye-catching rainbow dripping eye makeup, Nyaa Selina is dressed in a cropped Polaroid top over a Zad Hand checkered long sleeve top. She also wore a handmade rainbow wrap skirt, donned rainbow fishnet tights and stepped into a pair of colorblocked cutout sneakers with multiple straps from Yoki. Nyaa added accessories to her style such as pink spiked goggles, a printed BT21 face mask, a smiley face perler bead necklace, a 6%DokiDoki statement necklace, a colorblocked smart watch and stacked rainbow bead bracelets. Some of her accessories are from kawaii brand, 6%DokiDoki while some are handmade pieces. In addition, Nyaa is carrying a metallic butterfly backpack from Current Mood as well as a pink BTS sling bag w/ Suga keychain.

Japanese kawaii fashion brand, 6%DokiDoki, is Nyaa’s fashion favorite and she loves listening to K-Pop tunes. Check out Nyaa Selina’s kawaii streetwear looks on Instagram.

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