Kawaii Tokyo Street Style w/ Colorful Makeup, Takenoko Sheer Kimono, ACDC Rag, WEGO Wing Boots & 6%DOKIDOKI Fuzzy Sling

Catching our attention on the Harajuku street one evening is Chami, a Japanese art school student sporting an aqua-and-purple streetwear ensemble.

Chami stepped out on the street wearing a sheer purple Takenoko kimono which features a peacock embroidery with sequins and purple feathers at the back. She styled her kimono with an aqua flamingo print cropped top from ACDC Rag and aqua pants with a ruched waist from WC. Chami slipped into black wing boots with colorful grommets and beads from WEGO and is carrying a pink fuzzy sling bag with a silver chain strap from 6%DokiDoki. Accessories from Claire’s such as a multi-colored bow headpiece, a pink spiked o-ring collar and colorful eye makeup, eye jewels and bold two-tone lips rounded out Chami’s statement-making style.

Galaxxxy is Chami’s favorite fashion brand right now, and she is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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