Kawaii w/ Neon Colors Streetwear Style in Harajuku w/ Feather Eyelashes, Blonde Bangs, 6%DokiDoki, Tulle Skirt, Claire’s Decora Bracelets & Vans Sneakers

Easily catching our eye on the nighttime Harajuku street with her neon kawaii look is Chami, the 6%DokiDoki staffer we often feature on our street snaps.

Chami stepped out in a kawaii print top with sheer neon green contrast sleeves from 6%DokiDoki, which she then tucked into a resale pink layered tulle skirt with diagonal stripes. Rainbow-striped socks and Vans sneakers with floral prints completed her ensemble. Chami put her hair up in a side ponytail with blonde bangs, styled it with a sheer rainbow hair clip and a purple beaded hair accessory, and embellished her outfit with a rainbow perler bead necklace and stacked decora bangles and beaded bracelets. Most of her accessories are from 6%DokiDoki and Claire’s. Colorful eye makeup with feather eyelashes, bold red lips, and cute Japanese nail art are the finishing touches to her colorful streetwear look.

Japanese kawaii brand, 6%DokiDoki is Chami’s fashion favorite, and she is active on Instagram.

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