Kekenoke Performance Art Group in Colorful Handmade & Remake Styles Inspired by 1980s Harajuku Fashion

We came upon the Kekenoko Group one afternoon while strolling around the streets of Harajuku. The Kekenoko Group is a performance art group inspired by 1980s Harajuku fashion. From left to right, let’s check out their colorful ensembles which are mostly made up of handmade and remake pieces:

At the left-most side is simetter sporting a blue outfit which consists of a blue sweatshirt with colorful sleeve prints, graphic print shorts over giraffe print tights, blue printed socks and blue tabi sandals. He finished off his look with colorful decora accessories and a colorblock waist bag.

Next is yo.shiori wearing a pink hair curler headpiece. Her ensemble features layered pieces consisting of a black knit sweater, a red printed dress and a neon green satin tunic. Yellow socks and black sneakers completed her vivid style.

Sporting a silver and pink ensemble is kyokurikanda with a braided hairstyle. Her style consists of a silver kaftan with slit sleeves, a turtleneck top, silver pants, pink socks, and pastel pink ballerina flats. She accessorized with pink hair ties, clear hoop earrings, a silver band choker and silver cuffs. In addition, she is wearing a pink waist bag.

Next is kimuasu clad in pink and red. His outfit features a red tunic over a pink blouse with ruffle collars and sleeves, and a floral embroidery. Red sweatpants and red sneakers completed his look.

Second to the right is mshamuso sporting twin tails and a multi-colored ensemble. She is dressed in an aqua jacket with rainbow striped sleeves, worn under an orange satin tunic and paired with pink cuffed pants. Rainbow colored sneakers, and a peach sequin belt completed her colorful style.

Meanwhile, inouemeteo at the right is wearing a pink tunic over a pastel pink sweatshirt and matching pink cuffed pants. Pink sliders and a pink bird felt neck pouch rounded out his all pink outfit.

For their group’s social media updates and colorful street fashion styles, follow Kekenoko Group on Instagram.

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