Kekenoko Girls in Harajuku w/ Colorful Takenoko Zoku Inspired Fashion From Boutique Takenoko

We met Keke Hisatsune (left, the Kekenoko-zoku Leader) and K. Enishi Asahi (right, a Kekenoko-zoku Sub-Leader) on the street in Harajuku. They are part of a performance art group called Kekenoko Zoku that is trying to bring back the famous colorful dancing Takenoko Zoku (Bamboo Shoot Tribe) dancers that were popular on the streets of Harajuku back in the 1970s and 1980s. More information and pictures about their project are available on the Kekenoko-zoku website.

Enishi is wearing a pink and white kimono-inspired ensemble from Harajuku’s legendary Boutique Takenoko (the original boutique frequented by Takenoko Zoku), white Rocca sneakers from Off House, and a glitter sling pouch from Recycle Garden. Her accessories – from Claire’s – include a fuzzy headband, hoop earrings, and transparent bangles. Her favorite fashion source is Boutique Takenoko and she listens to Zenzenzense. She is active on Twitter.

At the left, Keke is wearing a red and yellow kimono-inspired dress, also from Boutique Takenoko, a handmade body harness with white ruffles, white socks and school gym shoes. Her accessories include hair clips, a sun visor, chains, and fuzzy hoop earrings, some of which are from the 100 Yen Shop. Keke loves the music of Zenzenzense and Rydeen. Follow her on Twitter.

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