Kimono Streetwear Style w/ Two-Tone Hair, Houndstooth Coat, Resale Kimono, Handmade Geisha Print Tote & Pierre Hardy Chunky Sneakers

Catching our eye is Nanako, the sushi shop owner we often see on the streets of Tokyo.

Sporting a two-tone black-and-blonde curly hair, Nanako stepped out in a resale and handmade outfit. She is wearing a resale green houndstooth print coat over a resale floral print kimono dress, a peach blouse with ruffled collar trims, and a white-and-gold obi belt layered with a red garterized belt. She stepped into a pair of Pierre Hardy chunky sneakers and carried a handmade Japanese geisha print tote bag to complete her style.

Nanako loves to shop at Kinji and GR8, and she likes listening to the music of The Elephant Kashimashi. Check out Nanako’s different streetwear styles on Instagram.

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