Kimono Style w/ Steampunk Accents, Corset Belt, Lace Cravat, Harry Potter Satchel Bag & Embellished Platform Pumps

While out and about on the streets of Harajuku one afternoon, we came across Yuka, a part-timer with eye-catching colored hairstyle and interesting kimono ensemble.

Yuka is dressed in a monochrome print kimono with wide sleeves, which she wore over a long black ruffle dress with a black frilly lace cravat. She cinched her kimono with a brown leather corset belt, which features a zipper, stripes and belted details. Black tights, black platform pumps with rhinestone embellished heels, flowers and peacock feather accents. She styled her green-and-yellow hair up in a bun with hair accents, and rounded out her ensemble with steampunk jewelry pieces. In addition, Yuki is carrying a black leather Harry Potter satchel bag.

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