Kinji Harajuku Girls & Harajuku Boy in Resale Fashion, Jeremy Scott, EXPERTSDISAGREE & Dr. Martens

We ran into Rimariri (19), Sunny Taiyou (16), and Manami (20) on the street in Harajuku.

Rimariri – on the left, who works at the popular Harajuku resale shop Kinji – is wearing layered tops and dress from Kinji with a sheer skirt from WC Harajuku and WEGO Harajuku shoes. Accessories include a pink belt with matching pink socks and a Mickey Mouse bag from Rainbow. She enjoys shopping resale and listening to the music of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Follow Rimariri on Twitter!

Sunny Taiyou is wearing a Jeremy Scott top with EXPERTSDISAGREE graphic shorts and Dr. Martens boots. His favorite shop is Faline Tokyo and he likes the music of Katy Perry. Follow Sunny on Instagram.

Manami – on the right with red hair, who also works at Kinji Harajuku – is wearing tops from Spinns Harajuku with WC Harajuku split-side pants over fishnets, and sneakers. Her tote bag is from American Apparel. Follow Manami on Instagram.

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