Kobinai Rainbow Pants, Chicago Multicolored Dress, Pinnap Tokyo Cardigan & Nincompoop Capacity Star Necklaces in Harajuku

We spotted Masao and Takako – a stylish couple with eye-catching and colorful outfits in Harajuku.

On the left is Masao in a black button-up shirt from Pinnap Tokyo over a white graphic tee. He also wore Kobinai pants with rainbow stripes and Marc by Marc Jacobs multicolored sneakers. Masao had on a Nincompoop Capacity blue star necklace and Dr. Martens neon green crossbody bag with contrasting black tassel trims. A Kangol denim hat, eyeglasses, and a gold wristwatch completed his look. For more on Masao, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Meanwhile, Takako donned a colorful knit cardigan from Pinnap Tokyo and a multicolored dress from Chicago. She also wore a wide blue belt with an orange buckle, orange-and-blue striped socks, and Marc by Marc Jacobs multicolored sneakers. Strapped on her back is a Nadia rainbow transparent backpack with iridescent shoulder straps. Takako also wore a charm bracelet, a gold wristwatch, yellow smiley face earrings, and a pink star necklace from Nincompoop Capacity. She rounded out her look with her rainbow hair swept up in a braided updo adorned with multicolored hair accessories. Follow Takako on Instagram for more style updates.

Both Masao and Takako get their favorite fashion pieces from Pinnap Tokyo. They also share a love for listening to soul and funk music.

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