Korean Model in All Black Tokyo Street Style w/ Open The Door, Faith Tokyo & Ambush

Meet Kim Gyutae, a Tokyo-based Korean fashion model and shop staff we met on the Harajuku street. He easily caught our eye with his all black look.

Kim’s stylish look consists of a black hoodie vinyl jacket from the Korean streetwear brand Open The Door, which he wore over a layered white shirt and black mesh top from Faith Tokyo, and a pleated pinstripe trousers tucked into orange socks and and black lace-up boots with white laces from Zara. His accessories – mostly from Ambush – include a black beanie, mismatched hoop earrings, a silver ball chain necklace, an orange-and-black striped belt, and a silver wallet chain attached to his belt loop. In addition, a black studded belt bag is worn across Kim’s torso.

Kim likes Korean fashion brands and shopping at Never Mind the XU in Tokyo, and he enjoys the music of South Korean singer/actor, Taemin. Follow Kim Gyutae on Twitter and Instagram.

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