Kumadomo Kawaii Character Street Style in Harajuku w/ WC, Abilletage, Decotrand, Yubi Ga Ippon & Yosuke

Baki is a Spinns Tokyo staffer who we often see around the streets of Harajuku. When we saw her this time, she told us that her age is 100058.

In addition to her blue hairstyle, Baki is wearing a sweatshirt featuring the Japanese kawaii character Kumadomo with WC Harajuku patent ruffle shorts, Abilletage tattoo tights, a Decotrand headpiece, Yubi Ga Ippon odango covers, armor ring, a fuzzy blue animal print bag from Romantic Standard, and Yosuke buckle platform boots.

Baki’s favorite fashion brand is Yubiga1pon and she likes the music of Shazna and Laputa. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more of her fashion and life.

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