Madhouse Tattoo Japan Owner & Artist in Harajuku w/ Purple Twin Tails, Logo Print Shirts, Denim Skirt, Dickies Long Shorts, Colorful Tattoos, Boots & Vans Sneakers

While out on the Harajuku neighborhood, we came across Lulu and Oliveira Maurex, tattoo artists and owners of Madhouse Tattoo Japan.

Sporting purple curly twin tails, Lulu is wearing a black v-neck t-shirt with a center Madhouse Tattoo Japan logo print, paired with a black denim skirt with gold zippered pockets and distressed details. She finished off her style with black-and-green striped socks, black leather lace-up boots, and accessories such as silver hoop earrings, cheek piercings, an alien nose ring, a black choker, a black watch, and a black knuckle ring. Blue eye makeup with eye jewels, pink lipstick, and multiple colorful tattoos on her chest, arms and legs rounded out her look. For more on Lulu, follow her on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Oliveira – sporting a curly ponytail and a beard – is dressed in a matching black t-shirt with a center Madhouse Tattoo Japan logo print, long shorts from Dickies, and black Vans suede sneakers. Colorful tattoos also decorated his arms and legs. Oliveira is also active on Instagram and Facebook.

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