Mens Streetwear Styles in Harajuku w/ H&M, GU, Christopher Nemeth, Nike, Empty Noir, Givenchy & Trans Siberian Orchestra Band Shirt

While walking along the streets of Tokyo, we met these three guys sporting cool menswear street styles. They are Motoki, Kota, and Sou. Let’s take a look at their individual styles:

Sou – at the left – is wearing a plain white tee with ripped details and black H&M skinny pants with monochrome artwork print and safety pin embellishments. The 17-year-old student tucked his pants into black suede heeled boots from GU and accessorized with safety pin earrings, an insect pendant pinned to his shirt, silver wallet chains, and a printed bandana tucked into his pants’ back pocket. Sou mentioned that he likes listening to the music of Huwie Ishizaki.

Sporting ash grey hair at the middle is Motoki, who is dressed in a vintage Trans Siberian Orchestra band t-shirt, which he styled with a long sleeve plaid shirt and black skinny pants. The 19-year-old student finished off his look with black Nike sneakers, multiple earrings, layered necklaces, multiple silver knuckle rings, and a Christopher Nemeth printed scarf. Motoki lists Japanese streetwear brand, Comme des Garcons as his fashion favorite, and he is active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Kota’s style consists of a vintage long sleeve floral print shirt, black dress pants from Empty Noir and black leather loafers from H&M. He accessorized his look with vintage items such as a single drop bead earring, sunglasses, and a Givenchy logo print clutch. Maison Margiela is Kota’s favorite fashion label, and he likes the music of Offonoff. Kota is also active on Instagram.

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