Milklim Teddy Bear Sweatshirt, Plush Rabbit, Fish Bag & Swankiss in Harajuku

Mana and Miyu are two Japanese high school students who we met on the street in Harajuku.

Mana – 18 on the left with twin tails – is wearing a resale sweater with resale Adidas three stripes pants, New Balance sneakers, and a plush fish bag. She also told us that her favorite fashion brands are Summer and Adidas and that she likes the music of Hey Say Jump.

Miyu – 17 on the right – is wearing a pink jacket by Punyus with an oversized Milklim teddy bear sweatshirt, Swankiss ruffle shorts, Bodyline bow shoes (with lace socks), and a cute plush bunny backpack. Her favorite Japanese fashion brands are the kawaii labels Nile Perch and Swankiss.

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