Minimalist Tokyo Menswear Street Style w/ LittleBig, Sub-Age & Acne Studios

Meet Ayumu, a 19-year-old beauty school student whose blonde mullet hairstyle and minimalist streetwear ensemble caught our eye on the street in Harajuku.

Ayumu is dressed in an olive green blazer from LittleBig, which he styled with a dark blue long sleeved zipper shirt with contrast red trims from Sub-Age, and black cuffed pants from Acne Studios. A black leather belt, black ribbed socks, and a pair of black leather shoes with zipper closures rounded out Ayumu’s minimalist look.

Cannabis is Ayumu’s favorite fashion label and he enjoys the music of Japanese musician Yojiro Noda, also known as Illion. Follow Ayumu’s style feed on Instagram.

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