Mixed Prints Fashion in Tokyo w/ Pixel Bead Necktie, Joyrich Overalls, Kinsella Romper, 6%DokiDoki, Colorblock Bag, Dr. Martens & Tokyo Bopper

It’s difficult to miss Takako and Masao in their mixed prints streetwear styles as we were out and about on the Harajuku street one afternoon.

At the left is Masao, who stepped out in a resale heart print button down shirt, which he styled with checkered cuffed overalls from Joyrich. He donned black socks, stepped into a pair of checkered Dr. Martens boots, and is carrying a colorblock sling bag from United Colors of Benetton. Masao embellished his look with accessories such as a Vans cap, white eyeglasses, a handmade pixel bead checkered necktie necklace, pastel bracelets and a multicolored G-Shock watch. For more on Masao, check him out on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Takako is dressed in a striped romper from Kinsella, worn over a star print top. White socks with neon green trims, striped monochrome sliders from Tokyo Bopper, and accessories such as a resale tie-dye bucket hat, statement geometric earrings and from a cherry pendant beaded necklace from 6%DokiDoki, a yellow belt, a matching G-Shock watch and pastel bracelet bands. Takako is also active on Instagram.

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