Mixed Prints Tokyo Vintage Streetwear Style w/ New Rock, Blackmeans & Vivienne Westwood

It was difficult to miss Yuta in Harajuku with his eye-catching outfit that boasted of a clever combination of colors and prints.

The 19-year-old wore a vintage orange shirt with a striking graphic print on the front. He tucked it into vintage denim jeans with a large dragon print on both legs. Yuta cinched them at the waist with a studded belt and wore another black belt around the hips to carry his multiple chains, key rings, and coin purses. He also wore New Rock black sneakers with buckles and an orange flame design that complemented the print on his jeans. Yuta styled his look with multiple bracelets, layered necklaces, and a vintage printed drawstring knapsack. His accessories are from Blackmeans, Vivienne Westwood, and vintage shops.

Yuta gets his style inspiration from Kinsella, and he enjoys listening to hip hop and metal music. For more on Yuta, follow him on Instagram.

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