Modern Minimalist Japanese Street Style w/ Kakuremi Cowl Neck Dress, Dr. Martens Triangle Neck Wallet & Emoda Platform Boots

Catching our eye on the streets of Shinjuku one afternoon is Rino, a 19-year-old Japanese fashion student.

Sporting a pixie-cut hair with blonde streaks, Rino is dressed in a black, long-sleeved cowl neck dress with contrast blue graphic print from the Japanese brand Kakuremi by Hiroki Naruse. A pair of Emoda platform heeled boots and accessories such as silver hoop earrings and ear studs, a labret piercing, multiple silver knuckle rings, and a Dr. Martens triangle neck wallet rounded out Rino’s style.

Rino’s favorite brands are Dr. Martens and Jil Sander, and she loves the music of Ziyoou-vachi. Follow Rino on Instagram for more of her streetwear looks.

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