Monochrome Streetwear Style w/ Peach Hair, Flask Necklace, Bomber Jacket, Rabbit Shirt, Shorts Over Ripped Tights & Leather Boots

Sporting a monochrome streetwear style while out and about in Harajuku is Rokuro, a 19-year-old.

Rokuro stepped out in a black bomber jacket with floral embroidered sleeves, worn over top layers consisting of a white ruffled turtleneck top and a black rabbit print t-shirt. They wore white denim shorts over black ripped tights and stepped into a pair of black lace-up boots and finished off their look with accessories such as a single bow earring, a flask necklace and multiple knuckle rings. In addition, they are carrying a monochrome checkered waist bag. Peach colored hair and purple contact lenses are the finishing touches to their style.

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