Monochrome Harajuku Streetwear w/ Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons & Justine Clenquet

While walking on the Harajuku street, we came across this trio sporting black and white streetwear styles that caught our eye. They are 19-year-old Kei (left), 20-year-old Miki (at the center), and Alice (right). Let’s take a look at their outfits:

At the left, Kei’s black and white ensemble features an asymmetrical white coat over a black sweatshirt, and black skirt over pants, and black boots, all of which are from Japanese streetwear designer Yohji Yamamoto. Kei loves to listen to Kitsune Azami.

At the center wearing all black, Miki’s style consists of a Comme des Garcons ruffle harness coat over a long sleeve top from Black Comme des Garcons, a long ruffle skirt, handmade from The Miki House, vintage leather shoes, and a single silver earring from Kirin. His favorite brand is Comme des Garcons and he listens to Japanese rock trio, Ling Tosite Sigure. Miki is active on Instagram, follow him!

And finally at the right, Alice is sporting an all white outfit which features an oversized white coat over long sleeve bow top from Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme and flared 3/4 pants from B Yohji Yamamoto. Black leather shoes and a black chain sling bag, both from Y’s, and accessories – from Justine Clenquet, E.M., and Tiffany – such as silver hoop earrings, an o-ring leather cuff, and silver knuckle rings complete her look. Alice’s favorite fashion labels are Marni, Dries Van Noten and Maison Margiela and she told us that her favorite music artists/bands are Shiina Ringo and Crazy Ken Band. Follow Alice on Instagram.

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