Multicolored Hair, Algonquins Tiered Blouse, Cloud Print Pants, Quilted Bag, 6%DokiDoki & Dr. Martens Glitter Boots

Easily catching our eye with her blue-themed outfit is Emiry, a 21-year-old who we often feature on our Harajuku street snaps.

Sporting multi-colored hair streaks, Emiry is dressed in an aqua-colored blouse from Algonquins, which feature a ruffled lace bodice and sheer tiers. Resale white cropped pants with cloud prints, aqua glitter boots from Dr. Martens, and an aqua quilted drawstring bag, handmade by Yurikaden completed her look. She accessorized with 6%DokiDoki items such as decora hair clips, a choker, a kanji badge, a Nile Perch badge, and multiple beaded bracelets.

Emiry lists 6%DokiDoki, RRR and lilLilly as her fashion favorites, while her musical picks include Block B, Seventeen, Iz One and Momoiro Clover Z. For more on Emiry, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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