Neon-haired Harajuku Girl in Dark Street Style, Tattoos, Piercings & Never Mind the XU Accessories

While walking around the streets of Harajuku, Nooin Zero’s neon green and pink hair and her all black fashion easily caught our eye.

Nooin’s all black ensemble features resale clothing that includes a bodycon dress over lace tights, platform boots, a black tote bag with geometric design from Brown Bagger. Accessories include oversized sunglasses, gauged earring, multiple ear piercings, a nose ring, a lace choker, a glass pendant necklace, an o-ring leather necklace, a beaded bracelet, plus gemstone and silver rings. Some of the accessories are handmade while other are from Never Mind the XU.

Nooin’s favorite brands/shops are Never Mind the XU and Killstar while she loves to listen to Skrillex and The Cure. Follow her on Instagram for her snaps.

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