Neuron Nailz Tokyo Artist in Avant-Garde Street Fashion w/ Moschino, Patent Boots, Petal Handbag & Statement Collar

Meet Maiko – a talented Japanese nail artist and owner of NEURON Nailz in Tokyo. We spotted Maiko on the Harajuku street wearing an avant-garde ensemble that easily caught our eye.

Maiko’s look features a Moschino outfit that includes a red bomber jacket which she wore off the shoulder, a cropped colorblocked letter blazer and a large sequin top beneath. She paired her tops with a black high-waisted skirt, mismatched red and black tights, and platform mid calf patent boots. She accessorized – some from Neuron Nailz Tokyo – with mismatched earrings, an ear cuff, a Moschino statement leather collar necklace, and she is carrying a drawstring handbag with petals for its opening. She capped off her avant-garde style with red eye makeup and red lipstick to go along with her partially-shaved hair and blunt bob.

For her social media updates and more about her nail art, follow Maiko on Twitter and Instagram.

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