Nile Perch Pastel Style w/ Twin Tails, Ruffle Headdress, Polka Dot Mask, Gingham Dress, Milk Heart Bag & Emily Temple Cute Glitter Shoes

Easily catching our attention in Tokyo is Miiyo with her pastel-colored fashion.

Sporting long twin tails styled with a pastel-colored ruffled headdress, Miiyo stepped out in a Nile Perch outfit consisting of a sheer blue ruffle dress with bow accents, which she wore over a purple gingham print dress. She styled her layered dresses with white ankle socks with purple lace trims, stepped into a pair of Emily Temple Cute glitter ballet shoes, wore a polka dot print face mask and carried a baby pink heart-shaped handbag from Milk to cap off her style.

Miiyo loves to shop at fairy-kei and lolita specialty shop, Nile Perch.

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