P-Chan of Tempura Kidz in Mixed Prints Vintage Harajuku Street Style & Tinted Glasses

We were lucky enough to catch P-Chan of the popular Japanese dance group Tempura Kidz while out and about in Harajuku. He has previously graced this site before with fellow member Karin while clad in sporty chic fashion and colorful kawaii outfits.

For this outing, P-Chan wore a vintage dark purple floral jacket with matching resale H&M purple pants. He styled them with a resale blue top with a high neckline and colorful prints. P-Chan also wore resale black leather shoes with white socks glasses purchased on Takeshita Dori with black frames and purple-tinted lenses. Cropped teal hair and pink lips provided the finishing touches to his look.

P-Chan’s fashion favorites include Aymmy in the Batty Girls and Ding. He also loves listening to music from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. He is active on both Instagram and Twitter.

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