Pikachu Street Style in Harajuku w/ Pickachu Mask, Furry Hat, Hoodie, Plushies, Backpack & Pikachu Tail

Easily catching our eye on the streets of Harajuku one day is J. in their all-yellow Pikachu fashion.

J’s outfit consists of a Pikachu hoodie sweater, worn over a Pikachu print yellow-and-black striped sweatshirt, and yellow cargo shorts with drawstring cuffs. Pikachu print yellow tights, black-and-yellow Asics sneakers, a Pikachu backpack and a Pikachu tail on their backside finished off their outfit. More Pikachu for accessories such as a fuzzy Pikachu hat, black sunglasses over a Pikachu mask, Pikachu toy plushies, and a Pikachu umbrella are the finishing touches to their themed look.

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