Pink Braids & Glasses w/ Aymmy Top, Plaid Skirt, Spinns & Powerpuff Girls in Harajuku

Sayachan is a smiley student that caught our eye in Harajuku, with pink and brown braided tails and glasses. She is 19 years old and you can find her on Twitter.

She is wearing a varsity top from Seto Ayumi’s brand Aymmy in the Batty Girls with a plaid skirt from H&M. Her Jouetie x Thrasher backpack features a Powerpuff Girls pouch. She is also wearing Spinns shoes with white socks and cute hair accessories (including french fry hair clips) from Me%.

Sayachan told us that her favorite brand is Aymmy in the Batty Girls and that she likes listening to Beast and FTISLAND.

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