Pink Braids, Hello Kitty Mask, My Melody, Duffy & Little My in Harajuku

Usami Mico is a Japanese idol with pink twin braids who we met near the popular Nadia Harajuku boutique.

Usami Mico is wearing a telephone print sweatshirt (with bows) from Bubbles Harajuku over WC shorts and Yumetenbo ribbon laced high top shoes. Accessories – some of which came from Disney – include a Hello Kitty face mask, a heart choker, a Duffy bear backpack, a My Melody phone case, and a Little My (Moomin) tote bag.

Usami Mico’s favorite Japanese fashion brands are Bubbles Harajuku and One Spo. She likes the music of Japanese idol groups BiSH and BiS. Follow Usami Mico on Twitter.

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