Pink Fringed Updo, Floral Headpiece, Vintage Kimono, Killstar Jumperskirt, Ouija Print Socks, Raf Vo Tattoo Bag & Alaina C Winged Boots

Catching our eye on the Harajuku street with her pink updo and monochrome outfit is Haku, a 30-year-old hair dresser.

Haku is dressed in a vintage black floral print kimono, which she bought in Asukasa. She styled her kimono with a black jumperskirt with shoulder straps from Killstar, black ouija print knee socks, and platform lace-up winged boots from Alaina C. She styled her hair up in a messy updo, which she secured with a floral headpiece, and accessorized with round eyeglasses, Killstar earrings, black labret piercings, a black leather choker with florets, layered silver necklaces, a black bead bracelet, multiple knuckle rings and a black leg harness. In addition, Haku is carrying a black Raf Vo tattoo print tote bag.

Killstar is Haku’s favorite fashion label, and she enjoys listening to the music of Enka, Betraying The Martyrs, Minyo and Miyuki Nakajima.

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