Pink-Haired Harajuku Girls in Ripped Jeans w/ Vintage Chanel, Tory Burch & UNIQLO

While on the street in Harajuku, we came across these two girls who caught our attention with their striking pink and purple hair. They are Mayutaro (at the right) and Saeshiro, a security guard. Let’s take a closer look at their streetwear:

Mayutaro’s ensemble consists of resale clothing featuring a black mesh sweater over a blue and yellow top, cuffed ripped jeans, a plaid long sleeved shirt tied around the waist, yellow pumps, and a vintage Chanel chain bag. Her accessories include candy heart rings, which she got from a variety store, to go along with her cute glitter nails. Mayutaro loves to shop at resale and vintage stores and she listens to the legendary visual kei band X Japan. Follow her on Twitter!

At the left, Saeshiro’s look consists of a Monsters University t-shirt from UNIQLO, long fingerless mesh gloves, cut out jeans which she bought overseas through online shopping, Bershka sandals, and a Tory Burch leather tote bag. Her accessories include a black cap, star earrings, ear cuffs, a choker necklace, a leather o-ring ring, and a pinkie ring. Saeshiro loves to shop for cheap fashion, and she listens to the music of Mejibray.

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