Pink Hair & Layered Tokyo Streetwear w/ Dog Harajuku, M.Y.O.B., Killstar, YRU, DVMVGE & Glad News

Layla is a 20-year-old transgender Bunka Fashion College student who we often feature on our Harajuku street snaps. This time, we street snapped Layla at Bunka Fashion College.

Today, Layla, who is sporting ombre pink curly twin-tails, is wearing a zebra print sports jersey kimono coat from Dog Harajuku over a cropped tube top and black see through top from DVMVGE (Damage), pink pants from M.Y.O.B., and white platform sneakers from YRU. Accessories include a Glad News ACID cap, clear glasses, long chain hook earrings, an o-ring choker necklace layered with a silver chain necklace, a black and white checkered belt, and a black round bag from Killstar.

Layla’s favorite fashion brands include Damage, M.Y.O.B., Moschino and KTZ. Favorite music artists/bands are Lady Gaga and EDM music. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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