Pink-Haired Guy in Eclectic Streetwear w/ A-Cold-Wall, Hood By Air, Adidas & Xander Zhou Statement Boots

While out on the busy streets of Harajuku, our eyes were immediately drawn to 19-year-old Akki’s interesting streetwear style.

Pink-haired Akki’s ensemble consists of a grey hoodie sweater with slit sleeves from A-Cold-Wall, which he styled with a nude sweater from the same brand. He added black lace-up parachute pants from Hood By Air, which he tucked into a pair of statement rain boots from Xander Zhou. The fashion student wore an Adidas belt bag across one shoulder, and accessorized with silver drop earrings and an olive green long belt.

Akki lists A-Cold-Wall, GR8, and Hood By Air as his favorite fashion brands, while Lil Peep is his favorite musical pick. For his social media updates, follow Akki on Twitter and Instagram.

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