Pink Harajuku Street Style w/ Pink Twin Tails, Oh Pearl, Honwaka Pappa, Yosuke & World Vintage

While out on the streets of Harajuku, we came across Mawoni, a 15-year-old Japanese student who we often feature on our street snaps. This particular evening, Mawoni caught our eye with her pink tails and matching outfit.

Mawoni is decked out in a pink t-shirt worn over a colorblock turtleneck sweater, from Honwaka Pappa and Oh Pearl. She tucked her layered tops into a pink denim skirt from King Family, donned pink ribbed socks over white tights, and slipped into black platform lace-up boots from Yosuke. Her accessories – from World Vintage – include purple heart earrings, layered pendant necklaces, a pink belt layered with a pearl and heart chain belt, and multiple rings. In addition, Mawoni is carrying a pink Smile Precure sling bag with chain strap from King Family.

Mawoni loves to browse in resale shops, and she likes listening to Puffy. Follow Mawoni on Instagram.

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