Punk Street Styles in Harajuku w/ Comme des Garcons, Converse, Dr. Martens, BDKMV Tokyo, Kappa & Walter Van Beiredonck

In Harajuku, we met Cheney (left) and Yuuta (right), a shop staff. These guys are regularly featured on our street snaps due to their interesting streetwear looks.

At the left, blue and pink-haired Cheney is wearing a black coat with yellow stripes over a white button down shirt, both from Comme from Comme des Garcons. A black men’s skirt, blue socks, Dr. Martens ankle boots, and accessories such as sunglasses, a lock chain necklace, and a bow tie complete his look. Follow him on Instagram.

At the right, Yuuta’s look consists of a black BDKMV Tokyo T-shirt over a white Kappa jacket, wide leg pants from Walter Van Beiredonck, black Converse sneakers, and a vintage smiley face sling bag. He accessorized with silver hoop earrings, a gold cross pendant necklace, and an orange belt. Yuuta told us he likes all fashion brands and all kinds of music. Yuuta is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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