Purple vs All Black Gothic Tokyo Styles w/ Ruffle Headdress, Vampire Fangs, Candy Stripper, GU Dress, ME Harajuku, Brindle, Demonia, Anna Sui & Yosuke Boots

Easily catching our eyes on the streets of Harajuku are Rena and Micchan, two 19-year-old fashion college students.

At the left with bold purple fringed hair is Rena, whose outfit features a black bomber jacket from Candy Stripper with quilted details and bow trims. She wore the jacket over a black shirt from (Me) Harajuku with a white peter pan ruffled collar and resale red drawstring shorts with gold prints. White socks, purple chunky Demonia lace-up platform shoes, a black leather armor ring from Brindle and a black tote bag rounded out her style. Rena loves listening to Fuyu No Doubutsuen and Mio Matsuzaki. Follow Rena on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Micchan is clad in an all black gothic look, which consists of a fuzzy jacket and a GU dress with pleated front detail and a ruffle trim collar. She styled her dress with a black corset, donned fishnet tights and finished off her look with lace-up leather boots from Yosuke. Michhan embellished her all black style with a black ruffle headdress, multiple ear piercings, lip piercing, vampire fangs, a black cocktail ring, and a pair of black lace gloves. In addition, Micchan is carrying an Anna Sui shoulder bag. Micchan is also active on Instagram and Twitter.

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