Rainbow Decora Style in Harajuku w/ Handmade Clothing, Tiered Skirt, Tomoe Shinohara Doll, Furry Leg Warmers, Care Bears, Sailor Moon & Decora Accessories

Easily catching our attention on the Harajuku street one afternoon is Mai with her rainbow decora streetwear style.

Mai – sporting rainbow hair falls styled in twin tails – stepped out in a handmade outfit, which consists of a rainbow striped vest, multicolor checkered short-sleeve top, a pink tie-dyedshirt, yellow sweatshirt and a rainbow striped sweatshirt. She styled her colorful layered tops with a blue-and-red printed tiered skirt, worn over printed bloomers and rainbow striped tights. Blue-and-pink striped furry leg warmers, blue and pink mismatched sneakers, a hand-me-down Care Bears sling bag and a red backpack with a furry keychain and Sailor Moon plush toy rounded out her ensemble. Mai embellished her colorful style with decora accessories such as multiple hair clips and hair accessories, oversized red-framed clear glasses, layered decora necklaces with star-shaped sunglasses, a keychain necklace with multiple keychain toys, an inflatable toy Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) character goods, multiple stacked decora bracelets, a Pokemon watch, and multi-colored googly eye cocktail rings.

For more of Mai’s colorful decora streetwear style, follow her on Instagram.

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