Rainbow Harajuku Fashion w/ Colorful Shaved Hair, Happy Birthday Sunglasses, Statement Suspenders, Peko-chan Neck Wallet, Dickies, Sevens Smiley Face Bag & Yosuke Cutout Shoes

Sporting a rainbow look on the streets of Tokyo is Sayaka, a 19-year-old part-time worker.

Sayaka is dressed in a rainbow striped t-shirt from Sevens and purple Dickies bermuda shorts, which she styled with black statement print suspenders. Rainbow socks, Yosuke coloblocked cutout shoes and a yellow quilted smiley face sling bag from Sevens completed her outfit. Sayaka styled her multicolored & shaved hairstyle with twin braids and decora hair clips. She also accessorized with pink Happy Birthday statement sunglasses, multiple ear piercings and kawaii accessories consisting of a multicolored bead necklace, stacked bead bracelets, a pink watch, cute pinkie rings and eyeball rings. Most of her accessories are handmade pieces. Sayaka is also toting a Peko-chan neck wallet with a yellow lanyard. Aside from her eye-catching hairstyle, Sayaka is sporting cute face stickers and colorful heart motif nail art.

Kawaii accessory brand, Claire’s, is Sayaka’s favorite brand and she enjoys listening to Billie Eilish. Check out Sayaka’s colorful looks on Instagram and Twitter.

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