Rainy Harajuku Street Snaps w/ Punk Cake Vintage Jumpsuit, Gucci, Kinji & Clear Umbrella

Japanese high school students Nana and Kiku caught our eye on the street in Harajuku. It was a rainy day, but they were still nice enough to stop for a few quick street snaps.

Nana – with a silver twin braids hairstyle – is wearing a vintage polka dot jumpsuit from Punk Cake Harajuku with Zara heeled boots, a vintage handbag, vintage belt, and vintage sunglasses. Nana’s favorite fashion brand is Pameo Pose, and she is active on Instagram and Twitter.

Kiku – with pink hair – is wearing a vintage oversized pink blazer with a vintage button up blue shirt, vintage pants, vintage boots, a Gucci belt and belt buckle, and a vintage metallic Bogy’s Paris bag from Kinji Harajuku. Kiku’s favorite Japanese fashion brand is Balmung, and he likes the music of Nagisa Kuroki. Follow Kiku on Instagram and Twitter for more of his street style.

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