Red Comme des Garcons Streetwear Looks w/ Loewe, Otoe, Tokyo Bopper & Black Comme des Garcons x Nike Sneakers

Meet Yoshiaki and Satoko, two young adults both sporting red statement streetwear styles that made them stand out in Harajuku.

At the left is 22-year-old Yoshiaki, a student sporting slick center-parted hair. His outfit features a blue-and-white striped collared shirt from Comme des Garcons, which he styled with a red-and-white striped necktie and a red cutout blazer with plaid trims from Comme des Garcons Homme Plus. He wore matching red plaid pants – also from Comme des Garcons Homme Plus – black ribbed socks, and black sneakers from Black Comme des Garcons x Nike. Finally, he accessorized his look with a Comme des Garcons Play lapel pin, a paisley print pocket square, and a beige tote bag from Comme des Garcons with a red polka dot scarf from Loewe. Yoshiaki’s favorite fashion label is Japanese streetwear brand, Comme des Garcons, and he is active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Satoko is a 21-year-old who works in the retail industry. Sporting a fringed bob and bold red lips, Satoko is wearing an oversized silk collared shirt with cuffed sleeves from Otoe, which she wore over a ruffled bib sweatshirt. She completed her statement-making outfit with wide leg drop-crotch pants with ruffle pleats from Comme des Garcons, red socks, black platform t-strap shoes from Tokyo Bopper with cutout florets along the front strap. Her accessories – mostly from Otoe – include a red leather neck wallet strapped across her chest, a red belt, and a gold-and-black knuckle ring. In addition, Satoko is carrying a black leather Tokyo Bopper sling bag with a galaxy design. Tokyo Bopper is Satoko’s fashion favorite, and she likes the music of Kaera Kimura. For more on Satoko, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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