Red Shinjuku Street Fashion w/ Bow Headband, Aymmy in the Batty Girls Dress, Futatsukukuri, Vivienne Westwood & Merry Jenny Ankle Wrap Shoes

Catching our eye at Bunka Fashion College with her red ensemble is Miyuu, an 18-year-old student.

Sporting a fringed bob styled with a black bow heanband, Miyuu is dressed in a red Aymmy in the Batty Girls long sleeve dress, which she styled with a white turtleneck with lace collar top from Futatsukukuri. White lace stockings, red platform ankle-wrap shoes from Merry Jenny, pearl drop earrings and a black leather Vivienne Westwood handbag finished off her style.

Miyuu loves to shop at Aymmy in the Batty Girls, and she loves the music of Queen. Follow her on Instagram!

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