Resale Layered Street Style in Harajuku w/ Braided Bun, Never Mind the XU Dragon Necklace, Linen Blazer, Monochrome Print Pants, H&M Sling & Leather Wingtip Shoes

While out and about on the streets of Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood, we met 17-year-old student Moe.

Sporting a braided bun hairstyle, Moe is dressed in layers consisting of a resale linen blazer, a plaid vest and a white turtleneck top. She paired her layered tops with monochrome print pants with an animal motif and stepped into a pair of leather wingtip lace-up shoes. Moe embellished her style with a silver dragon pendant necklace from Never Mind the XU and a snakeskin leather sling bag from H&M.

Moe mentioned that her favorite fashion brands are Never Mind the XU and Chicago.

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