Retro Chic Street Fashion w/ Little Treasure, Mau Mau, Tokyo Bopper, Melange Harajuku, Grimoire, Nude Trump, Written Afterwards & Vintage

We met 20-year-old students Teiu and Kana, who added a dose of vintage charm on the streets of Harajuku.

Teiu was decked out in an all-white ensemble, which consisted of a tea-length dress and an embroidered coat with floral sleeves from Little Treasure. Strapped across her chest is a crochet pouch from Mau Mau. She also wore a light brown hat, grey sheer socks, and platform wedge shoes with floral embellishments from Tokyo Bopper. Teiu finished off her look with a curly bob and resale accessories.

She considers Little Treasure as a fashion favorite. Teiu also loves listening to music from Spitz and and Kururi.

Meanwhile, Kana opted for vintage glam in a blue vintage bridal jacket over a Melange Harajuku pink top. She styled it with a pink crystal-pleated skirt from Grimoire, Written Afterwards printed socks, and vintage pale pink shoes. Kana accessorized with an embellished chainmail bag from Nude Trump and a brown hat adorned with multiple pins. Cascading curls, colorful eye makeup, bold red lips, and a polar bear puppet provided the finishing touches to her look.

Kana’s fashion favorites are Murral Official and Gucci. She also enjoys listening to songs from musicals. Follow Kana on Instagram.

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