Saaya Hayashida w/ Swankiss Fashion & Pastel Hair in Harajuku

Saaya Hayashida is the producer of the popular “romantic vintage” themed Japanese fashion brand Swankiss. We often see her around the streets of Harajuku, and she always looks super cute.

In addition to her pretty pastel hairstyle, Saaya’s look features a Swankiss ruffle top with a matching Swankiss lace skirt, and resale heeled sandals worn with ruffle socks. Accessories – most of which are from Swankiss – include a headband, round glasses, heart earrings, and a large Swankiss shoulder bag shaped like a vinyl record.

Saaya’s favorite fashion brand is Swankiss (of course) and she likes the music of Petite Meller. Find Saaya on Instagram or Twitter for more pictures and info.

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