San To Nibun No Ichi Floral Top, Pleated Skirt & Demonia Platforms in Harajuku

We spotted Miori – a super fun Japanese high school student with a happy positive personality – on the street in Harajuku.

The 16-year-old donned a black ribbed turtleneck under a blue floral top from the Harajuku boutique San To Nibun No Ichi, which featured long sleeves and contrasting white piping. She tucked them into a long yellow flared skirt with a sheer black pleated overlay. Miori styled it with a wide pink belt from Chicago, which featured a large round gold buckle. Twin braided buns, red lips, white socks, and Demonia black platform wedge lace-up shoes completed her look. The girl in pink in the group shots is Miori’s friend Mawoni

Miori’s fashion favorites include Kinji and Moschino. She also loves listening to music from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Lady Gaga, and Back Tick. Follow Miori on Instagram and Twitter.

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