Sex Pot Revenge Harajuku Street Styles w/ Yosuke Platform Boots

Meet Yui and Fuuga, two rock music lovers who we recently snapped in Harajuku. Their outfits were put together mostly of items from the iconic Harajuku shop/brand Sex Pot Revenge.

Yui is pictured to the right, with a hat. Yui is wearing a t-shirt, jacket and skirt over pants, all from Sex Pot Revenge. Yui’s bag is Anna Sui and the platform boots are Yosuke. All accessories are also from Sex Pot Revenge, and Yui likes the music of King Crimson.

Fuuga, pictured to the left, is active on Twitter. She’s wearing a Sex Pot Revenge top, jacket, pants and bag, and she told us it’s her favorite shop. Her platform boots are from Yosuke and her accessories are from Claire’s. Fuuga likes listening to Royz, Akira and 96Neko.

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