Sheer Coat Japanese Street Styles w/ Nadia Harajuku, Style Nanda, Tokyo Bopper, Comme des Garcons, Keisuke Kanda

While walking around the streets of Harajuku, we came upon Eto and Sawa, both 20-year-old cafe staffers who easily caught our eye with their sheer dress fashion styles.

At the left is Sawa, who is dressed in a white vintage sheer lace coat, worn over a blue Nadia long knit top and vintage ripped jeans. She paired her outfit with grey platform sneakers from Tokyo Bopper, a pink Comme des Garcons sling bag, a white cap from Keisuke Kanda with embellished white bows, and Ohashi Syouhin accessories. Sawa’s favorite fashion brands are Jenny Fax, Keisuke Kanda and Tokyo Bopper, and she enjoys the music of Creephyp. Follow Sawa on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Eto’s outfit consists of a lime green sheer ruffle dress, styled with a white Oioi Korea t-shirt from Style Nanda, a black asymmetrical skirt, black socks, and black vintage pointy patent heels with a belt detail. She is wearing a strappy black waist bag, and accessorized with a white floppy ruffle hat, cat eye sunglasses, and layered necklaces, all from Style Nanda. Eto loves listening to J-pop and K-pop music, and she is active on Instagram.

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