Shibuya Fashion Walk Organizer’s Streetwear Style w/ Red Feathers, Glitter Makeup, Tailcoat Tuxedo, Sequin Vest, Medallion Necklace & Loafers

It’s difficult to miss Hideto with his eye-catching white-and silver streetwear ensemble as we were out and about on the Harajuku street.

The popular Shibuya Fashion Walk Organizer stepped out in a white tailcoat tuxedo, which he styled with a white long sleeve top, a sequin studded vest, and a geometric felt bib. White denim pants cinched with a white leather studded belt, a silver chained waist bag, and white loafers completed his style. Hideto embellished his look with red feathers in his hair, a floral headpiece, a single star earring, a silver-and-white braided headband, red-and-silver glitter face makeup, and a beaded statement medallion necklace are the finishing touches to his street style.

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