Shibuya Girls in H&M, Ehka Shop, earth music & ecology & Ne-net Items

We’ve spotted these two cute girls in Shibuya recently, and they were kind enough to sit for some snaps. Both of them are 20.

Risa is the one with the long, dark hair. She is wearing a H&M shirt with a white skirt, a bag from Okiraku and white sandals. 

Ayana is the girl in the beanie, wearing a trench coat from earth music & ecology over a Ehka Sopo dress. Her cat backpack is from Ne-net and her t-strap shoes (worn with floral socks) are Ehka Sopo. She is also wearing accessories from Ehka Sopo and she told us she likes shopping at Pou Dou Dou, Ehka Sopo, and Ne-net. 

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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